Command / ICS Team

Our ICS or Command Team is comprised of Deputy Sheriff’s and Volunteers.  In the Tahoe Operations most of our incidents are relatively small and do not require a full Incident Command Post (ICP) operations.  We generally can maintain a adequate span of control with just a few trained command staff personnel.  When our operations begin to exceed an acceptable span of control, or we move past a hasty phase, we solicit the assistance of our management team partners from the western slope.

The Emergency Management Institue at FEMA offers several independent study programs for emergency management personnel.  These are available free of charge and all SAR members are encouraged to complete them.

The primary audience for the Independent Study Program is national emergency response and recovery personnel of the United States, as well as emergency management personnel of FEMA, and US citizens.

FEMA ICS Courses Available Online
ICS 100.b Online
ICS 200.b Online

When you successfully complete a course, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you. Make sure a copy of this certificate gets to a Sheriff’s Office SAR Coordinator so it can be added to your file.

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